Saturday, February 20, 2016

Jewelry gift suggestions - survey says....

We at The Turquoise Mine are commonly asked "what jewelry piece makes for a great gift?" Well, yes indeed that is a loaded question. 

My initial thought that comes to mind is: "Why, any piece, of course!"  However, is that really the answer anyone is truly seeking? No, I would definitely say no it is not. My next thought would be earrings. Earrings are very versatile. They come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges - and people sure do love them! Typical response, "I am really not sure if she has pierced ears". Well, we have some really nice clip-on earrings with for ears that are not pierced. Survey says, hmmm, not sure if she would wear them. Okay, so earrings are out for now. I know: "how about a nice bangle bracelet?" Bangles bracelets are closed bracelets that slip right over the hand. Our Native American made bracelets come in sterling silver, some are hand stamped, some are wide, some have a gemstone, some have many gemstones. And best of all no one ever can have just one. They look great alone or stacked. If she does not have one, then you will probably start her off on a new collection! An easy gift for the next few years! Yes, what a great idea - sheer brilliance!

Bangle bracelets are a great accessory. For a casual look wear them with jeans; for a night on the town wear them with a dress. Many folks wear them everyday. My mother in law has about thirty of them on one arm! 1 bangle, 5 bangles, 25 bangles - what a great look. We offer some really nice Sterling Silver Bangles at The Turquoise Mine. Check them out at Bangle Bracelets.

Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets
Navajo Bangles at
The Navajo people were not, historically, silversmiths. Most notably, they used stones such as turquoise and various seashells acquired through inter-tribal trade. The art and techniques of working with silver was introduced to them in the mid 1800s by Spanish travelers coming from Mexico. It is quite remarkable at how expert they became, as they quickly applied their own designs and influences into the work they created. Much of their craft was forged with blacksmithing applications, using iron and steel, while using primitive tools, as more specialized tools were not affordable to them. Also, the more skilled artisans of time used casts made of dense wood and sandstone, where the molten metal would be poured into the mold, forming the sculpted design. Because of the nature of this technique, the molds would deteriorate after only one or two pours (similar to what is now called the "lost wax" method).

Navajo silversmithing is now world renowned, and in our opinion at The Turquoise Mine, absolutely unparalleled in both skill and design. At the date of this post, we have added some very attractive Navajo-handmade silver bangle bracelets with unique and varying stampwork. These silver bangles look very nice as a single accent-piece, or in multiples, as many choose to wear them. Own one of these beauties, today!